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Draw to Adopt Snyail #1 (open - snyip event) by Queijac Draw to Adopt Snyail #1 (open - snyip event) by Queijac
edit: about one week left to enter!!

Snyails are an open species!
if you'd like to read up on them / start creating them, check out their group linked above!

hey everyone!! back again with a new snyail event!

this is a snyip event!!!
read up on how snyip functions here:

Snyip and Snyails: FAQ> Click here to return to the Snyails dA group
Q: What is Snyip?

A: Snyip is a plant that's essentially 'cat nip' for snyails! It's the one food they'll always eat, no matter what their 'favorite food' preference is!
Q: What are Snyip Bits?
A: Snyip Bits are bits of Snyip that are obtainable from official Snyail Snyip events that are hosted on dA! These events include things like draw to adopts, secret santas, 'draw your snyail...', etc. Any post with information on these events will be titled "Snyip Event".
The Snyip Bits earned per Snyip event vary, but anyone can earn many Snyip Bits by participating in multiple events! Events that include placings often offer a high amount of Snyip to the winners!
Please note: Snyip Bits can only be obtained by participating in events using a dA account, to keep records of usernames and where to

Snyip earned is kept track of on this spreadsheet:…

Anyone is welcome to participate in these events and earn snyip for use in future snyail raffles!!!!

Now onto the event itself!!!!
This is a draw to adopt event! While only one person can win the design, everyone who enters will receive snyip bits!

Here's how to enter:

- Draw this snyail! You can make as many drawings as you want (however keep in mind; multiple entries will probably not boost your chances at winning much!!!)

- Submit your entry to dA and add it to the official snyail event art folder in the snyail group, and comment here with a link to it for it to be counted in judging! 

the folder can be found here:…

- When posting your entry, please try to mention if it'd be ok for the winner to use your art if you do not win!! the winner will not be allowed to use other entrants art without this permission, and it's totally up to each entrant what they wanna do!

- Judging will mostly be done on how creative you got with the design, how much work was put into each entry, etc. ... lots of things come into play!


First Place - First place wins the snyail design! They'll also earn 10 snyip bits!
Second Place - Second place wins 5 snyip bits!
Third Place - Third place wins 3 snyip bits!
All other entrants - everyone who enters will immediately earn 2 snyip bits!

This event will end on March 25th! Be sure to get your entries in before then, and have fun! Also, if you have any questions concerning snyails or snyip, please let me know!
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DoodleSnyax Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Draw to Adopt by DoodleSnyax  Surprise surprise I made a pixel! C: 
(And yes, the winner is totally allowed to use this as long as they credit me! ^U^)
DoodleSnyax Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I completely forgot to link, augh! Here we go, this one has the actual link:  Snyail DTA Entry by DoodleSnyax
KO3LNHA Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Snyails DTA by KO3LNHA
;_; i love them
Light-chan1231 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
OOOF I almost forgot I saw this when it was first posted and wanted to enter so! Here it is!!!
babies first DTA by Light-chan1231
EgotisticalLobster Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New Deviant Professional General Artist
Bizzarasaurus Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Very adorable design!!
emptygh0st Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2018  Student General Artist
Snyail DTA #1 by emptygh0st  here it is!
Pimochi Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2018  Student General Artist
AHHHH They're so CUUUUUTE <333333
Korhann Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018  Student General Artist
oh noo I must resist but I love this cute ;w;
UnknownPandora Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Dow we draw this character?
Queijac Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
UnknownPandora Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2018  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
A garden for a snyail like me by UnknownPandora  
UnknownPandora Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Ohh okie
Eruka-steam Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2018  Student Digital Artist
this is literally the cutest!! 
Queijac Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Bunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4] 
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